The Best Xbox Casino Games

The Xbox is one of the latest devices on which player can play casino games. The earliest forms of gambling have been traced back to 3000 BC. Since then gambling has been a constant companion of the human race, only mechanisms have changed. The first casinos, as we know them today, were established in the 17th century. Remote gambling came into existence in the 1990s through desktops. Casino games then became available on mobile devices and consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

While Xbox casino games are very popular, they are missing some key ingredients which make online casinos a very different prospect. Firstly you can win real casino money, something not available via Xbox casino games. Secondly you can access bonuses with no deposit requirements to try a much larger selection of games than that found within the Xbox ecosystem.

If you are a casino fan and an Xbox enthusiast read on for the best games that you can play.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots

Blood Suckers and Blood Suckers II slot game

The Four Kings Casino & Slots will be the #1 destination on most Xbox players list. It is a virtual 3D casino offering players the chance to take part in the full range of casino games.

You adopt an avatar to add pizzazz to your experience. You can become the cowboy gambler with swagger or a geek who knows the odds. As you enter The Four Kings you will join other players from around the world in networked games. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay as in real casinos.

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo

The Four Kings is a social gaming platform and does not support real money betting. However there are ways that you can be rewarded for winning. It has considerable customisation to start with, something you do not get in real money online casinos, even in live dealer games. Some of the rewards allow you to customise your avatar and get a more glitzy appearance. You start play at low limit tables, and as you climb the leader board you can work your way into the VIP section and play with the high rollers. The top ranked players at the end of each season are awarded exclusive in-game rewards. The virtual casino has areas that can be used for just chilling out with friends, including a bowling alley.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots is a product from Digital Leisure Inc. It was released in 2015 but it still relevant because of constant updates and innovations. You can play it on Xbox One.

Stand-Alone Casino Games on Xbox

Stand-Alone Casino Games on Xbox

Not everyone is interested in playing the full range of casino games. Xbox offers stand-alone titles based on poker and other card games. The best of these are described here.

Pure Hold’Em

Pure Hold’Em is the best of the Texas Hold’Em games available on Xbox. It has been developed by the team at VooFoo Studios and allows for cash games and tournaments for up to 8 players. Pure Hold’Em supports online multiplayer gaming. A group of friends can play together or you can test your skill against strangers.

The action is in 3D as is to be expected from the Xbox home console. The stunning table graphics take you to the centre of the action and the enjoyable gameplay draw high traffic to this game. In order to add challenge, you can operate a number of settings and work your way from the basic casino floor to the high roller’s suite in the VIP penthouse. There are separate add-ons available for decorating the deck of cards or chips with various designs. Pure Hold’Em has a Metacritic rating of 73, which is an indicator of both commercial and critical success.

Prominence Poker

Xbox players can also go for Prominence Poker, which has been created by the team at 505 Studios. As a basis for comparison, 505 Studios have also created Full House Pro. Some players put this poker game ahead of Pure Hold’Em. They say that it is closer to playing in a real casino.

Poker originated in seedy and sometimes violent environments, before gaining respectability in the luxurious land casinos. This Xbox game is set in the town of Prominence, which is an exciting dark world of crooks and gangsters. The play takes place in secret back rooms and the avatars are taken from underground characters. The 3D Character Creator allows you to customize your avatar from head-to-toe with features and clothing combinations.

The gameplay takes you heads-up against four factions as you try to reach the final showdown with “The Mayor”, the mysterious town founder. There are a number of realistically crafted poker haunts along the way with names like The Deck Casino, Renegade Biker Bar and Kleaners Laundromat. You can play solo against the AI, but the real attraction is the multi-player format.

As with other Xbox casino games Prominence Poker is played without real money and only for fun. The base game is free to download. You can buy frills that give you more chips to play with and various boosters.

Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo

The main battle is on the blackjack table. Avatars can be chosen from twelve characters that are modelled after Street Fighters. The blackjack is not in the regular casino mode where each player individually challenges the dealer. Super Blackjack is more on the lines of a blackjack tournament. The player left with the biggest chip stack after the final round will win.

Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition features tables set in casinos around the world. The graphics are quite detailed. The audio includes appropriate music for each stage. You will find a comic touch in the post-match mini-scenes. The most popular mode is Single Player Combat where your chosen fighter progresses through a succession of rounds.

The Pluses and the Minuses

  • The Xbox casino games reviewed above are games of chance and include the thrill of risk taking.
  • You are not playing for real money and that is a big disadvantage for gamblers.

That's right - there aren’t many slot games on xbox. Fear not, if you would prefer a no deposit slot game, we have you covered: visit our no deposit casinos list.

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