Android vs. iOS For Gambling

Mobile gaming is huge these days, and the biggest question is always, which is better for gaming, Android or iOS devices? iOS users say they have the best experience when gaming on their mobile devices, while Android users always argue they can play more games and that they can add ROM memory whenever they want. Let’s take a look at some issues with both devices in terms of gambling.

The Quality of Games

iOS users may have a little advantage with the quality of games available to them, mainly because of a major decision that Apple made back in 2016. At that time, it made a decision to delete applications that were subpar to its high standards, and this included many game apps.

Because of that, the majority of the games are solid with few issues and have great quality. On the other side of the coin, the Google Play store never cleans up its apps, and there are many gaming ones that are of lower quality.

Still, there are more games available for Android, where the number of them is increasing 30 percent every year.

Pretty much all of the newer and popular games are great on both types of devices. Nowadays, the developers of games strive to make it so that there is no differential playing their games no matter what device is used.

While there may be more quality games available for iOS users, it is not by a significant margin, and Android users have a bigger game library available to them. You might as well take advantage of the flexibility of mobile - visit our carefully selected mobile casino no deposit bonuses.

Games Released Sooner On iOS Devices

One of the advantages when gambling using an iOS device is that games are offered to them sooner. The developers will release their games before Google Play Store does.

It can be weeks or months sooner, but iOS users have them sooner, nonetheless. One of the main reasons is simple, as for iOS users, developers have to make their game available to iPhones and iPads, while for Android users, there are thousands of different phones available.

Besides only having to make games for iPhones and iPads, Apple users pay more money for game applications, and because of that, developers offer their games to them sooner to get more bang for their buck.

Better Gaming Experience

When it comes to the gaming experience in the Android vs. IOS for gambling debate, players can find great games for both devices. However, where iOS users have the advantage is for games from smaller developers.

Research has shown that for smaller developers, iOS users have fewer errors and more seamless gameplay. However, for major developers, there is really no difference.

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Crackdown on Illegal Gambling

One area of the gambling on iOS or Android devices where Android users have an advantage is that Google rarely ever gets in the way of its mobile gaming applications. On the other side of the coin, Apple has a history of doing just that, especially for gaming apps.

In August 2018, in an attempt to thwart illegal online gambling, Apple wiped out hundreds of gambling-related apps from its platform. However, the games that were wiped out were all from independent developers and not from the major ones.

Basically, Apple has a well-known stance against illegal gambling taking place using its applications, and it polices the matter much more closely.

The Price

Nowadays, to get the top games, both iOS users and Android users have to pay for them. As stated before, Apple users tend to spend more money on games, but that does not change how pricing takes place, no matter what the device.

Also, it was stated before that since Google Play Store does not purge games, it has a bigger library, and because of this, it has more free games available.

There are many game developers that only make their games available for iOS devices. There are not as many as at the Google Play Store, but some you can find at the Apple Store but not anywhere else.

You also have to look at the prices for the devices as well. In terms of tablets for Android users, they are getting less and less expensive every year. Sure, there are some more expensive ones out there for Android users, but overall, they are much cheaper than iPads.

For phones, that also goes the same with iPhones being more expensive than Android phones. However, many phones for both users can be integrated into their mobile plan, and the prices can differ for those.

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Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are differences when gambling on iOS devices and Android devices. However, they are not big ones, as there are fantastic gambling applications available on both platforms from some of the best and most reputable gaming developers.

It really comes down to preference, as no matter what device is used, there are tons of great gaming options.

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